Our Products

Why Comex?

Comex is an innovative company operating in the market since 1987 and committed right from the beginning to producing top quality printing products.
Booklets, peel off labels,         self-adhesive labels Comex specializes in colour labels: self-adhesive, multipage (booklets) and multi-layer (peel off, wrap around, labels featuring application) and innovative solutions made to customer’s demands.

What makes us special?


1. Exceptional and professional service

Our Sales Department has extensive knowledge of substrates, printing techniques, and cutting edge technology. Comex works with its customers to ensure solutions are tailor-made to demands. Our customers are our business partners and we share our expertise and skill with them.


3. Wide range of products for various industries

Comex manufactures a wide range of roll products and delivers its products to customers across manufacturing industries. Our portfolio includes chemistry, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


2. Innovative solutions tailored to customer’s needs

We believe in innovation and that it should be easily accessible. Comex invests in and implements cutting edge technologies. We are open to challenges and believe nothing is impossible. We will help you bring your ideas to life.


4. Selection of printing technologies and their combinations

The available machinery creates unlimited possibilities of combining technologies and innovations. Comex continues to invest and develop, keeping in mind that the existing technology must seamlessly work with the newly purchased solutions.


6. Timely and flexible deliveries

You can safely plan your orders with us. Comex is a reliable partner that delivers its products as agreed. We are flexible and always respond to customer’s changing production plans.


5. Certified and recognized top quality of print

Comex has been operating in the market for 30 years. During that time we have received many awards for the quality of print and certificates validating our quality control system. Our development and investment in innovations has gained recognition. We are the leader setting the standards.

Projects are created by DTP and plates are performed using the CTP technology. Visual control system is used to inspect production and packing processes.


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