New production line


The new printing machine allows us to expand our capabilities in the production of Peel off labels and expand the offer for our existing and new customers.

Additionally, we are significantly increasing our production capabilities, which will translate into shorter implementation times.

The standard capabilities of the machine include printing of BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, paper, thermal paper and many other raw materials.

But this machine can offer us much more: RFID component protection, Cold Foil, Lamination, printing on the glue side.

In addition to our existing Peef off label production capabilities, we have expanded our production capabilities to produce:

– A four-layer Peel off label with printing on 7 sides – this is another of our machines producing such a product,

– A six-layer Peel off label with printing on 11 sides – a completely new product here that meets your expectations.


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