Krótka historia Comexu, czyli skąd jesteśmy, dokąd zmierzamy?


The history of Comex begins in 1987, which went down in Polish history as the beginning of groundbreaking events that were to take place soon. A lot has happened in a country facing the prospect of imminent systemic changes. In January, the government spokesman announced the balance of the July 1986 amnesty, most of the repressed oppositionists regained their freedom. In February, the band Metallica played in Poland for the first time in Spodek, soon after the American economic sanctions against the People’s Republic of Poland were lifted, and six months later George Bush visited Poland. The thaw was coming. The first public happening of the Orange Alternative took place in Wrocław on Children’s Day. And it was also in this year, in Wrocław, that the idea of establishing a company – Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe Comex was born in the head of President Paweł Korczak.
In 1987, the first printing machines were purchased and production started, and the first product sold were price tags and devices for their application. The machine started. Let’s add that the company was then operated by 3 people – that’s how many people found employment in the newly established enterprise.

pierwsze produkcjepoczatki

After a turbulent period of transformation, when successive companies sprang up and collapsed like mushrooms after the rain, Comex achieved stability that allowed for further development, which in 1992 was resulted in the purchase of new printing machines – in flexographic technology, and packaging machines. The 1990s saw a rapid development of the company – purchases of more machines, employment of more people (in 1997 there were 24 employees).

comex w budowienowa maszyna

The year 2000 dispelled fears related to the millennium bug, which was supposed to lead almost to the Apocalypse, while Comex focused on quality and its maintenance – the ISO 9002 quality management system was implemented and certified, which in later years is recertified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008. The 1900s of the new millennium bring a variety of available products to Comex – we are able to make not only basic labels in flexo or offset technology, but we also produce booklets and labels with RFID, and with the times we implement digital printing – for small runs, without quantity minimum, or the need to prepare printing forms. We adapt to the changing legal regulations, we add a machine for letterpress printing in Braille to our machine park, which must be marked on labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Over 70 people work at Comex.

nowe millenium

The last decade has been the continuous improvement of our products, the implementation of new technologies – since 2010 we have been able to make peel-off labels, and in 2012 we are implementing (then the only one in Poland) a complete line for printing antennas and applying RFID chips. Every two years, new machines are purchased: digital, UV flexographic, packaging devices and we introduce a vision control system. COMEX is a well-known brand and a recognized manufacturer on the Polish and foreign printing market with 100% Polish capital. We produce 750 million labels a year and deliver them to over 600 customers. Exports account for 20% of the company’s revenue. Number of employees: 95 people.

In 2017, PPU Comex celebrated its 30th anniversary. There was also a grand party at the Centennial Hall Conference Center in Wrocław. There were speeches, tears of emotion and… great fun, which was enhanced by the performance of the famous singer Kayah. Comex has become a permanent fixture in the Wrocław landscape of the printing industry. Despite continuous development, it has never lost the character of a company where every employee is treated as a family member, the best example of this are the people who have been working here from almost the beginning. As Mr. Paweł Korczak, President, says: “.. the company is not about its assets, but the people who create it. And its position on the market depends on their dedication and commitment. The future cannot be predicted, but with such a well-coordinated team, we are not afraid of what will come, whether in connection with the development of competition or the development of new technologies …”


In 2020, after more than 30 years of running the company, the President decided to hand over the duties to his right hand – the current Director, Mrs. Marzenia Kostrzewa, and he himself is stepping into the shadows (but don’t be under any illusions, the President’s watchful eye is still looking closely at one of his children – Comex). Another era in the functioning of Comex begins, which from now on you will be able to follow on the Linked In platform.


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