RFID in sports


What does RFID technology have to do with sports competitions such as running or cycling marathons?

Nowadays, RFID technology supports almost all sport events 😊

RFID technology is used in many sport events. It provides precise measurements of an athlete’s running time – from start to the  finish line and with accuracy to milliseconds.


To work properly the system needs the following component’s:

RFID tag – every athlete is equipped with an RFID tag . Most often the tag is attached directly to the race number. Sometimes a type of band attached to an athletes shoe is also used.

Measuring devices such as antennas and readers connected to a computer. They are responsible for communication with the RFID tag the athletes equipped with. Measuring devices are placed on the start and finish lines. If necessary, they are also located at measuring points on the route.



A large number of participants at the measuring point is not a challenge for RFID technology. The system is able to read up to several hundred tags of participants in one second, which opens up large possibilities of use in various types of sports events.


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