Comex w czasie epidemii


Comex during the outbreak
In the last few weeks, world has been dealing with a dire situation. The coronavirus epidemic, which has become a global problem, and the tightening up of the restrictions that have been introduced, have forced companies to adapt to the prevailing conditions – which, as you know, are not easy.
To ensure the safety of Comex employees, as well as to guarantee the smoothness of production, we have introduced a number of organisational changes to minimise risk.
Some employees work from home and we have introduced a two-shift system in the offices in order to reduce the number of people in the premises as much as possible. Every day between shifts in the company, workplace disinfection is carried out. All orders are carried out on schedule, and some even leave our company ahead of time! – We are talking here about e.g. labels for disinfectants, which are nowadays a necessityproduct (realizing the gravity of the situation – we treat such orders as a priority).
We wish everyone a lot of health and good immunity!

The Comex crew


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